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BriteKind is a kids drawing game that uses a regular flashlight to draw in the air. See your drawings on the device or mirror on Apple TV.

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Kids draw with a Flashlight

Watch how kids use the game to draw in the air using just a regular flashlight. The game can be run on iOS and support for Android devices is coming soon.

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How Kids Draw in the Game

Move the flashlight in front of the device camera and see the path traced on screen. Play in a darkroom, ideally a living room that is equipped with Apple TV with no light sources to cause background distractions.


You may have to test with different types of flashlights to see how well they respond. For better drawing control, use a flashlight that has a single led and a switch to easily toggle it on/off.

Britekind Kids Drawing Game iOS Android child draw in the air
Use a regular Flashlight
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    What is this drawing game?

    BriteKind Kids Drawing game is an application that you download on your iPhone or iPad. The game uses the device camera to detect a light source. It traces the path created by the light sources, effectively "drawing" on the screen's device.

    How do kids play the game?

    After you have setup the game, you can let your child play with a flashlight in front of the device. The automatic screen clear settings makes it ideal for a toddler to play the game with limited supervision. For young boys and girls, they can use the manual clear settings to better control when and how they play the game.

    What type of flashlight do you need?

    You can use any regular Flashlight with this game. It's recommended to use a light that has a single Led light, and that has a simple on/off switch.

    Is camera access required?

    Camera access is required in order for the game to detect the flashlight. There is the ability to use only touch to draw, but this is recommended as secondary control.

    Do you need to play in a darkroom?

    Playing in a dark room allows for the flashlight to be better detected. Make sure there are no other sources of light in the background that may confuse the app and provide for a poor drawing experience.

    How do you save photos?

    You can take screenshots of your child playing with the game and save their drawings in your photo album. You can then share these on social media if you choose to. This option can be turned off through the settings.

    What devices are supported?

    We currently have support for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. We have planned to support Android phones and tablets in the near future.

    Why is there a time limit?

    When you first download the app, you get 30 minutes of free play time. This is designed to help you understand the game and give you a free trial. After the time is up, you can choose to subscribe to continue playing the game.